Noah Bullock
Executive Director 

Noah has served as Cristosal’s Executive Director in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras since 2010. He came to El Salvador in 2005 as a human rights intern for Cristosal and in 2017 was appointed Executive Director as a missionary for the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of El Salvador. He is a 2004 graduate of the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree and also studied at the International Institute for Conflict Research, a joint project of the University of Ulster Northern Ireland and the United Nations University. He graduated cum laude from the graduate program in Local Development at the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas in 2009. Noah enjoys carpentry, is a surfer, farmer and a trainer of German Shepherds.

Our Leadership


The heart and soul of Cristosal is our community of staff and interns. As professionals and human rights defenders, our team works hard everyday to stand with the victims of human rights violations. Our countries have long histories of violence and injustice, and human rights defenders often face grave risks. But, our countries also have rich histories of resilience, resistance, and defiant hope. 


Our team is a beautiful collage of different generations, backgrounds, genders, and beliefs. Some of our staff grew up in the middle of the civil wars, others have been victims of criminal violence. Some have illustrious careers and others are just starting out. Some have worked for human rights in government institutions and others as part of their religious commitments or community service. But, what we all have in common is the vision of a world where the full rights of every person are protected and everyone’s voice is heard.


Director of the Strategic Litigation

Abraham Abrego

Director of Education

Fátima Pacas

Director of Resource Development and Outreach
Jeanne Rikkers

Director of Protection

Mauricio Quijano

Director of Human Rights Research

Rina Montti

Director of Admin and Finance

Salvador Novellino


Guatemala Country Coordinator

Flor de María Salazar

Honduras Country Coordinator

Karen Valladares

Chief Legal Officer: Transitional Justice

David Morales

Chief Legal Officer: Anti-Corruption

Ruth López

Chief Legal Officer: Impunity

Zaira Navas

Our Board of Directors

Board President

The Rev. Mike Angell

Board Secretary

The Rev. Geoffrey Curtiss

Vice President

The Reverend Dr. Lisa R. Fortuna

Ombudsperson and Vice President

The Rev. Norma Guerra


Roger Jones

Board Member

David Holiday

Board Member

Beth McFadyen

Board Member

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Greg Rickel

Board Member
The Rev. Bob Wilson

Board Member

Jose Miguel Cruz

Board Member
Clare Gibson Nangle

Board Member

Santana Alvarado

Board Member

Steve Adams

Board Member

Tatiana Obando