Cristosal’s Global School of Human Rights brings people together to advance knowledge, understanding,  and commitment to the defense of human rights and building societies based on dignity, equality, freedom,  security, democracy, and the rule of law. For over a decade the Cristosal Global School of Human Rights has brought North and Central Americans together in an immersive experience to develop skills, strengthen relationships, and build bridges across cultures and borders. Our Global School seminars equip and support  people in their work for democracy, justice, and peace at home and abroad by applying the principles of  human rights to their relationships, ministries, and activism

Our seminars are dynamic, with a variety of experiences offered in different formats. The seminar you choose to attend will include pre and post-seminar virtual meetings to help make the most of your time in the country.  Our methodology includes theory, exchange, and reflection on how to apply what we learn to our lives. We draw on the human-rights-based approach and use the intercultural lens to create a rich discussion and exchange based on all participants’ experiences. We encourage you to come open to share your own experiences and to see learning as a shared process that includes theoretical understanding, practical skills, and commitment to action. The human rights approach to learning about human rights values participation, inclusion, equity, accountability, and transparency. We intend to create space for a diversity of perspectives and ways of knowing, emphasizing those experiences that have been historically marginalized,  stigmatized, or erased. 

2024 Global School Seminars