Global School in El Salvador

Reimagining Global Mission through the Lens of Human Rights

Dates: April 13-18, 2024
Cost: $1,250
Registration Deadline: March 1, 2024

*The Seminar Fee includes Lodging, transportation, three meals a day, coordination and logistics, interpretation and trip guide, speaker honorariums, and community activities. This does not include airfare.
**Discounts are available for larger groups.
***An additional day can be added  (for an extra cost) for tourist/cultural activities.

Participants of the Global School in El Salvador 2023.

Join us as we broaden the vision of both global and local missions from the perspective of human rights envisioning liberated relationships between people of faith and those who are experiencing oppression, injustice, and violations of fundamental rights. We will interact with and learn how a rights-based approach can be used as a tool for assessing the motivations, responsibilities, and actions of both churches or organizations in the global north and their global or local partners.  As a part of the engaged learning, we will visit the sacred and symbolic places in the life of Monsignor Romero – a symbol of justice and unity among the most vulnerable.


How we learn

  • Examine the historical relationship between people of faith in the global north with people in the global south. 
  • Explore tensions between historical relief and development work and the principles of human rights.
  • Reflect upon how we see those suffering the consequences of conflicts and disasters. 
  • Experience– all too briefly– the food, daily life, sites, and people of El Salvador.


    To learn more or to register for this seminar – connect with the Global Schools Team.






Watch a glimpse of the Honduras, 2023 Global School Seminar.

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