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Your donation will help promote human rights and dignity in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, giving hope to families who have had to leave everything behind and voice to people who have been left out for too long. Your gift keeps human rights defenders safe and ready to walk with victims in difficult circumstances. Thank you for being a part of the movement to defend human rights.

Donor support ensures that we continue to innovate in response to complex human rights problems, whether helping victims to seek justice, helping communities to build resilience, or using evidence to inform better policy and legislation.

This past year, for example,  unrestricted donations helped us:

  • Organize democratic dialogues in communities affected by State violence resulting in action plans to build democracy and peace
  • Hire lawyers to assist the over 3,000 reports of arbitrary detention and abuse under El Salvador’s state of emergency
  • Launch a paid internship program for trans and non-binary aspiring human rights professionals in all three countries
  • Re-launch our Global School for Human Rights 2023
  • Ensure continuity of support for internally displaced families

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By giving monthly to Cristosal, you help us step up to the daily challenge of defending human rights. We count on unrestricted funds from individuals to respond quickly to emerging threats, innovate new solutions, and guarantee stability for our core work.

Ongoing Campaigns

Sometimes we face challenges that require immediate support or extra attention to launch an idea or sustain support beyond grant funding for things like legal cases. In addition to contributions to our general fund, you have the choice to support a specific campaign and help us reach our goals! Here are the three campaigns we are currently working on.

LGBTIQ+ Justice 

Cristosal invites you to imagine a world in which all LGBTIQ+ people not only survive but flourish. Your financial support for Cristosal’s TransLives Project makes you part of a gender-diverse transnational team standing with trans, non-binary and LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador in the face of wave after wave of brutal killings and targeted violence.

Global School of Human Rights

As we launch our 2023 schedule, we are committed to making the program accessible by keeping fees at pre-pandemic levels while still offering the opportunity to Central Americans to participate at free or reduced rates. Our aim is to raise $10,000 to re-launch the program in 2023 with seminars in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

El Mozote and Transitional Justice

El Mozote and surrounding areas were the sites of the largest massacre in the contemporary history of the Americas. Show your support and solidarity with the people of El Mozote by making a donation to the ongoing work of Cristosal.

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