Cristosal has programming in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, where the headquarters of the organization is located.

Our teams work for the promotion and defense of human rights in different national contexts.

El Salvador

The Cristosal team has the capacity to apply our tools for human rights throughout the country of El Salvador. For example, our strategy for community development of durable solutions is applied in different municipalities, research has been conducted in communities throughout the country and support for the emblematic case of the El Mozote massacre has used participatory research, victim psychosocial support and, of course, strategic litigation strategies in the northern Morazán department.


Our Guatemala office has an interdisciplinary technical team located in Guatemala City. We have been actively involved in documenting and analyzing human rights violations under the emergency laws, corruption and security policies and erosion of the democratic rule of law.  We also provide comprehensive assistance to victims with protection needs in situations of displacement, as well as to victims of hate crimes and discrimination and other forms of violence against the LGBTIQ community, specifically against trans women.


Our main Honduras office is located in Tegucigalpa and our field staff are located in different parts of the country, mostly in the north. Our interdisciplinary technical teams work on strategic litigation in hate crimes cases, litigation in cases of abuse and violations of human rights committed during the state of emergency, comprehensive assistance to victims with protection needs in situations of displacement and implementation of durable solutions; monitoring of human rights issues and training of interns in our transgender professional development internships.