Cristosal’s programs contribute to improving human rights in Central America by producing quality research to document violations, protection services to repair harm and get victims back on their feet, and strategic litigation to change the systems that have allowed human rights violations to continue. We use these proven tools of human rights to empower people whose rights have been violated. By amplifying the voices and strengthening the actions of victims, we can hold governments accountable for their obligations to guarantee fundamental human rights.  We collaborate with vulnerable, marginalized, and excluded groups to build their capacity to exercise their rights in challenging contexts. We identify barriers these communities face—violence, discrimination, corruption, impunity, and exclusion—and put our technical support teams to work to address the issues. We focus on building partnerships among communities, civil society, and governments at local, national, and regional levels. Together, we build a world of dignity and respect for all.

All Cristosal programs are designed to strengthen the capacities of victims of direct, structural, and cultural violence and to influence the guarantee of their rights.

Strategic Litigation

We use different legal action strategies to advance legal and social change in recognition and respect of human rights of the vulnerable people.

Strategic litigation

Human Rights Research

Human Rights Research

We document, analyze and produce qualitative and quantitative research about the causes and scope of human rights violations in northern Central America. 


We promote the empowerment of victims of human rights violations and victims with protection needs through  personalized plans for getting victims back on their feet.


Human rights education 

Human Rights Education

The Human Rights Education Program uses dialogue, experience-based and horizontal learning as tools for promoting the empowerment of victims in their rights and to strengthen the community of allies and leaders for human rights. We promote dialogue and learning throughout the Americas to build solidarity and allyship across borders and cultures.


Human Rights

Transitional Justice

rule of law

Trans justice

attention to victims