The programs coordinated and facilitated by the Human Rights Education Program are the following:

International Internship

Cristosal’s international internship program is offered primarily to people from countries outside of the Northern Central American region (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala), however, it is neither exclusive nor excluding. Through this program, people interested in human rights advocacy and promotion in the region will have the opportunity to contribute directly to Cristosal’s programmatic activities and/or individual project development. Interns are assigned to one of Cristosal’s multidisciplinary teams where they contribute to Cristosal’s programmatic activities and/or the development of individual projects of interest to Cristosal. This opportunity allows them to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills as human rights defenders. The program offers only unpaid internships and can be carried out in person or virtually. You can request more information about this type of internship by sending an email to:

Paid Professional Internships

Cristosal does not have a specific fund for internships. However, some of the projects developed by Cristosal have funding to provide travel expenses for the development of internships. The beneficiary populations of this type of opportunities are determined based on what is established in the projects from which the funds for their development come from. For more information, please write to the following e-mail address:

Fellowship or Professional Internship

Cristosal offers collaboration opportunities for the development of fellowships or professional internships to people with experience in the topics Cristosal works on and to those who have a particular interest in contributing to the work being done, through research or development of processes in conjunction with Cristosal. People interested in developing their professional practices with Cristosal are responsible for seeking external funding for their development. Cristosal can provide support materials, such as letters of recommendation, to future fellows to help them manage funding for the development of their internships. For more information, please contact: