guatemala  (april 23-28, 2023)

LGBTIQ+ Right Defenders & Access to Justice

Dates: April 23 – 28, 2023  

Cost: $995 

Registration Deadline: February 3, 2023

*The Seminar Fee includes Lodging, transportation, three meals a day, coordination and logistics,  interpretation and trip guide, speaker honorariums, and community activities. Does not include airfare. 

Join us as we sit with, listen to, and learn together with the Guatemalan LGBTIQ+ community and their experiences. Guatemala is not a country where LGBTIQ+ rights are protected and are not considered in the country’s development. Together, we will join the work of Cristosal and other organizations to gain understanding and give witness to the LGBTIQ+ community in Guatemala. 

In this gathering, we will create learning and dialogue spaces to comprehend issues, such as discrimination and hate crimes. Dialogue can open the door to organizing and action that seeks to renew the role of citizens in a democracy and hold leadership (both foreign and domestic)  accountable under the rule of law. 

What to expect

  • Legal rights and protections: E.g., is the Guatemalan government is willing to and able to protect LGBTIQ+ communities? If not, what can we do?
  • Impacts, vulnerabilities, and address the trauma/psychosocial
  • Impacts of hate-motivated violence and discrimination
  • The role of religion in protecting or perpetrating rights violations
  • How victim-centered activism can impact culture and legal systems

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