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If you want to be a part of our work and are interested in defending human rights, here are some ways to commit to helping us build a world in which all human lives are valued equally:


When you contribute to Cristosal, you help: 

  • Restore dignity to victims of human rights violations 
  • Keep Cristosal maintain our independence as political winds shift
  • Sustain our highly trained human rights defenders to respond to new human rights challenges as they arise
  • Most importantly, you stand up for a world where every human life is inherently equal in rights and dignity


The Global School of Human Rights brings people together to advance knowledge, understanding, and commitment to the defense of human rights and building societies based on dignity, equality, freedom, security, democracy, and the rule of law. Join a 5-day seminar that will include pre and post-seminar virtual meetings to help make the most of your time in either El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras.



The Cristosal Internship Program gives university students, recent graduates and professionals the opportunity to meet and contribute to Cristosal’s work, developing their skills as human rights defenders.