Human Rights Education 

The Human Rights Education Program uses dialogue, experience-based and horizontal learning as tools for promoting the empowerment of victims in their rights and to strengthen the community of allies and leaders for human rights. We promote dialogue and learning throughout the Americas to build solidarity and allyship across borders and cultures.

Our program has an area specialized in human rights education that conducts workshops, seminars, certificate and training programs, offering learning opportunities on several important topics in human rights. The different training methods all share a participatory and dialogical approach in which the participants and facilitators contribute to each other’s learning.

Schools in human rights

Global School

The Global School has an intercultural learning approach that uses findings from Cristosal’s original research as well as learnings from other programs to create a curriculum that is constantly renewed, updated and attached to Central American contexts.   

central american leadership school

The Central American Leadership School promotes training processes in human rights with leaders of civil, community and religious society.

Cristosal school of leadership

The Cristosal Leadership School is an internal space within the institution for the permanent formation of leaderships for the defense, and with a focus, of human rights in the different areas of work.

Why it matters?

One of the best ways to influence Central American society is through human rights education. Our education program educates on fundamental rights, those responsible for guaranteeing them and ways to report when they are violated or violated. We use the human rights education model of knowledge, skills, values and action to move from the classroom to application in everyday work and life.

Similarly, the training of leaders and professionals allows to strengthen thebuilds capacities capacity of people interested in working for the defense of rights and to make meaningful changes in their home countries.



Internship Program

Cristosal offers opportunities for professional collaboration in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, either as a volunteer or as a social hour internship to university students, graduates or recent graduates.