co-create with cristosal (2023)

Dates: Choose 5 days/nights (preferably between July – November 2023 

Cost: $995 

DEADLINE: We need to get dates on the calendar to plan for your seminar! Let us know by early February the dates you want to reserve. 

*The Seminar Fee includes Lodging, transportation, three meals a day, coordination and logistics,  interpretation and trip guide, speaker honorariums, and community activities. Does not include airfare. *A minimum of six participants are required to co-create a seminar with Cristosal 

Cristosal would be pleased to partner with your university  

department, faith community, civic group, etc. to create a  

Global School Seminar to fit your area of interest,  

expertise, or desire to learn. Ideas from past seminars include 

  • Building the Case for Asylum Seekers
  • Doing Research in Contexts of Violence
  • Theologies of Mission and Development
  • Impunity, Justice, and Restoration
  • Theater of the Oppressed and Human Rights

Interested to learn more about the seminars in El Salvador, Guatemala, or  Honduras? Interested in co-creating a seminar that is unique to your team? Please fill out the interest form and you can expect to hear from us soon.

If you have a specific question that you would like answered,  please reach out to the Global School Team: