Charles Call,

Board member

Associate Professor of International Relations, American University

Washington, D.C., USA


Charles T. ‘Chuck’ Call is a professor in the School of International Service at American University. He leads a project about the lessons and legacies of anti-impunity initiatives in Central America, and is the Peace and Conflict Resolution program head. His published work includes “El Legado y las lecciones de la Comisión Internacional contra la Impunidad de Guatemala” from January 2020; Why Peace Fails (Georgetown Univ. Press, 2012), Constructing Security and Justice after War (USIP Press, 2002) and Rising Powers and Peacebuilding (Palgrave 2017). His various articles analyze issues of post-conflict peacebuilding and reconstruction, civil wars, human rights, police and judicial reform, and the peace process in El Salvador. He worked in El Salvador from 1987 to 1988, living in a community of people who had been displaced by the civil war. He worked in churches while writing his doctoral thesis from Stanford University about the creation of civil police in El Salvador and Haiti. He worked as a Senior Advisor in the State Department from 2012-2014 and in the United Nations from 2004-2005. Between 2012-2018, he was appointed by the UN Secretary-General as an advisor to the Peacebuilding Fund. He has also consulted for the European Union, the Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, the World Bank, Human Rights Watch, WOLA and the Ford Foundation. He has conducted research in Central America, Haiti, Afghanistan, West Africa, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, the West Bank, Bosnia and Kosovo.