Victims of violence and human rights violations need humanitarian, mental health, and legal assistance throughout the process of accessing justice and re-making their lives. Adapted from international best practices in victim support, our program interventions are designed to support victims and their communities throughout their fight to become survivors and advocates for change. 


As we walk alongside victims we also rely on allies and partners in other civil society organizations, public institutions, and the media to create more sustainable systems and durable solutions. Building out a system of protection helps victim assistance in crisis become a powerful tool to address pervasive social problems by giving victims a voice in  proposing solutions to decision-makers.

Cristosal develops strategies for comprehensive victim protection and models based on our experiences that can be studied and replicated. Cristosal encourages the exchange of lessons learned and promotes public policy to improve victim assistance. We focus on reaching durable solutions and overcoming the conditions of vulnerability that are catalysts for forced migration.