Guatemala wants to live in peace

The Guatemalan police have raided the top electoral authority’s offices as well as the headquarters of the Movimiento Semilla. These actions are part of the prosecutor’s office attempt to eliminate the Semilla party from the run-off elections. The second place finish of Bernado Arévalo, the anti-corruption Semilla party candidate, was a complete suprise in the recent first round of voting. The actions of the prosecutor’s office have provoked criticism from the international community as it pushes Guatemala’s democracy into chaos in the lead up to the elections only a month away.

Checks and balances in the exercise of power and respect for the will of the people are fundamental to democracy. The Public Prosecutor’s Office must comply with the order of the Constitutional Court. The electoral process must continue intact and without pressure.

Cristosal urges the State of Guatemala to avoid political interference and preserve the integrity of the electoral process. Guatemala wants to live in peace.