We stand in solidarity with the tragic fire in Mexico

We stand in solidarity with the families of the 39 victims of the tragic fire at the INAMI facilities in Ciudad Juarez who died in search of opportunities and access to rights that were not guaranteed in their countries of origin. 

We offer the protection system in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to provide psychosocial support to the families. 

We ask the States to guarantee access to justice for the families of the victims by investigating and determining responsibility for what has occurred. 

We also stress the urgency of ensuring dignified humanitarian care policies for migrants in transit countries.

We urge the authorities of the region to implement long-term policies to address the structural aspects of migration to prevent this phenomenon contributing to family disintegration and impacting the wellbeing of communities.

We call on the countries of origin to provide adequate psychosocial care to these families. 

As a regional human rights organization, we urge governments to join efforts to guarantee the dignity and human rights of migrants.